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Gabbie Egan

Pre-Order Dicey Dyes Milky Moo Cow

Pre-Order Dicey Dyes Milky Moo Cow

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The Dicey Cow is the 6th cow designed by Gabbie and listed on the site for pre-order ❤️‍🔥 The Dicey Cow has a disco ball & dicey on the feet with the transparent dicey logo on the booty! 

This pre-order is open for 2 weeks! At that time we will send our number to our manufacturer to be made.

SHIPPING TIME MAY POSSIBLY BE 8-12 WEEKS after they are ordered from the manufacturer.  Unexpected delays possible.  Updates will be sent via email to those who purchased one.

As many of you can probably imagine it costs A LOT of money to get a custom stuffy made. I will be running pre-orders for 2 weeks and then ordering how many stuffed animals I see fit.  If there are left over stuffies we will put them back up on the site.



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