About me

My name is Gabbie, I'm 23 years old living in Northern Kentucky with my husband Cody and our four kids. I started sharing my life on social media at a very young age. I fell pregnant with my son Jaylen at thirteen years old. After giving birth I started to share bits and pieces of my struggles and success online, being a young mom trying to finish school and make a life for myself and my son. However, sharing my life with thousands of people on the internet is still relatively new to me. I didn't start growing any sort of social media following until around a year and a half ago. One day I woke up and started making TikTok videos during quarantine, and boom now here we are.

Here is how I started my sticker business!

Let's take things back.

Before I ever even made my first Tiktok video I was a functioning member of society just like I am today, believe it or not. I graduated high school a year early in 2017, and immediately enlisted into the Army as a 91B (wheeled vehicle mechanic). I shipped off to basic training at Ft. Jackson in South Carolina and resided there for the duration of my 10 week training. After graduating Basic Training I went on to AIT job training for sixteen weeks at Fort Lee in Virginia. When I finally made it to my duty station which was Fort Bragg in North Carolina (my hometown), I was still just 17 years old. I was assigned to an artillery unit which I remained at for majority of my time while serving. 

While serving in the Army I met my husband, who I would describe as my more problematic twin flame. We are the same human yet so different. He had just gotten stationed at Fort Bragg after being stationed in Japan for three years. We matched on Tinder and it was love at first... Smash? I'm not going to lie, it definitely wasn't love at first sight because I'm pretty sure we both assumed we were going to be a one night stand. But somehow even after getting married just three months after we matched on Tinder, we are still together almost four years later. 


After almost a year of marriage, Cody had gotten out of the military and I was pregnant with our daughter Zelma. We decided together that it would be best for me to get out of the Army so we could move to Kentucky where my husband is originally from. The reasoning behind us moving to Kentucky was because it was where his ex-wife lived with the two children that they shared together. After I got out of the army and gave birth to Zelma in November of 2019 we started making our plans to move to Kentucky. Neither of us had stable jobs and we were living in the "in-between" of moving states and trying to scrap enough money together to just get by and pay our bills. We did whatever we could to make ends meet. I was doing Door Dash. Cody was doing Uber. We were both cleaning as many houses as we could. And even with all we were doing to make ends meet, it still wasn't enough. 

January of 2020 we packed up a huge Penske truck and moved from North Carolina to Kentucky with our 2 cats, 1 month old baby, and my almost 6 year old son. We moved in with Cody's mom and eventually ended up renting out her house from her. Cody started working as an electrician in Ohio and I was a stay at home mom. I was 20 years old only use to having one kid, and now I had four. It was a very hard adjustment for me. I moved away from all my family with a new baby. Covid hit and the kids were out of school. A lot of days I would be at home doing virtual learning with the three older kids and have a baby on my titty. Trying to make meals, help with homework, and still manage to care for myself. Lets just say that my first year living in Kentucky, there was absolutely zero time for self care. But one thing I did do was discover TikTok. 


I wasn't the only mom who was losing their mind through covid and quarantine. IT WAS ALL OF US MOMS! I started making daily videos of all the inconvenient and shitty things that would happen in my daily life as a mom. In a way I "blew up". I had an online community of people who related to me and understood what I was going through. Even though there were a lot of haters and not everyone was kind. Posting on TikTok and reading comments brought me so much joy and laughter. It was exactly what I needed during such a weird time in my life. And I never stopped posting. TikTok and being on social media in general has changed my entire life. 

Social media has brought so many new opportunities for me and my family and I will forever be grateful for the love and support I receive on a daily basis. We have done some pretty amazing things together as a community on this platform. I cannot wait to see what we do in 2022!



Diaper Drive: In October of 2021 we raised over $2000.00 USD to donate diapers and period products to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank in Cincinnati Ohio. We loaded up the trunk of my car more than four times and had so many donations that we had to rent a U-Haul in order to deliver everything. 


Women's March: Once again in October 2021 I was able to help coordinate an event in Covington Kentucky to raise awareness regarding Women's reproductive rights. Also I got to meet so many people who are were amazing! 


Holly Hill: We raised over $1000.00 USD for a local group home here in Kentucky to go to Kings Island for a trip in October of 2021.



Paz Packs: Paz Packs was my first brand partnership. I absolutely fell in love with the brand and the people associated with it. In 2021 I went to Santa Barbara California on three separate occasions to work with the brand and spend time learning about the growing process. The products that Paz Packs has created and continues to create always impress me. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be apart of this company and will continue to support them as much as they have supported me. 

                               BEST CBD COMPANY- DON'T SLEEP ON IT


Girl S#!T Podcast: I was reached out to by Jenelle Evans from the cast of Teen Mom who invited me to be apart of a podcast. It was pretty amazing meeting the cast. Being in the studio and filming was so much fun. But all good things must come to an end because the podcast was shut down quicker than it started. On the night of the launch party in Chattanooga the whole entire cast fell apart. Lawsuits were going on for months after that. The whole thing was just not a vibe. But at least I can say that I did it.                                        


Perfectly Kelsey's Influencer Wedding: Since I have "clout" *wink wink* I was invited to Kelsey's wedding which was packed full of Influencers from all over the country. It was a pretty awesome experience meeting so many people that I follow and have built online relationships with. One event I will truly never forget! 




 The Bunny Barbie's Halloween Party:

 Bunny invited Cody and I to her influencer only Halloween party at the Ten Thousand building in Beverly Hills. Cody and I stayed on the beach in Long Beach. We stayed at this amazing hotel with fire pits and couches to hang out on. One of the best trips Cody and I have ever been on together.